Nothing very clever -- or how I stopped worrying and learned to love living in a house full of boxes

Posted by Heather , 6.03.2013 11:31 PM

In an attempt to stay connected, and to chronicle this crazy adventure I have the goal to write SOMETHING everyday.  Start strong, then taper off, right?

For part of family night the kids helped me make a list of what we did today, and what we are thankful for.  I will explain in parentheses.

What we did today:
1. Made pinatas. (The kids made use of some of the packing paper piling up around the house and made pinatas by wrapping toys and other treasures up and hanging it from our cherry tree using an old blind pull they found.  They then took turns banging it with a map rolled up in a plastic tube they found in the office.  This kept them busy for the better part of the morning until their attention turned to the hose.....)

2. Went swimming (The weather was quite perfect today...maybe 80 degrees or so? The kids wanted to play in the water so after lunch they filled up our two plastic swimming pools and "went swimming."  Most of the fun was had by taking turns holding the hose.)

3. Rode bikes to the school. (We went to finish turning in our paperwork for the neighborhood school.  We met the principal and the secretaries, all of whom were very nice.  The school is an open air campus that shares the block with a park.  Emma and Eli were very excited to tell them all about our move and themselves in general.  It sounded something like this.  Please pray there will be room for them come fall, as the school is currently full.)

4. Made a rainbow. (This was part of the swimming activity, which basically consists of spraying water into the sunshine.)

5. Unpacked a lot of boxes. (Emma and I hit it and mostly unpacked her room, and the playroom/office.)

6. Took out the papers. (Emma's job was to take the tape off the boxes then carry the newsprint out to the huge pile on the side of the house.  This she did with great gusto.)

7. Watched the story of rat. (Eli wrote this one.  He took a break this afternoon and watched Ratatoulle)

8. Got lost of sleep. (Eli also wrote this one.  Apparently he likes sleeping in his bed better than the car.)

9. I lost a tooth. (Emma wrote this one.  Actually, her tooth fell out yesterday, but somehow the tooth fairy missed the move. She carefully chose out some items to include with the tooth...some cotton balls, a marble, and a note.)

What we are thankful for:
1.(HZ) Pretty flowers in the yard. (We have some flowery bushes and one tiny spring of impatients growing in our yard.  There is also a cherry tree that is 80% dead and a spindly looking lemon tree that has a few not quite ripe lemons on it.

2. (Eli) Breeze in the trees. (There is a very pleasant breeze that blows most of the day making the trees "jiggle" as Max calls it.

3. (Eli) Yummy food. (Tonight we had white chicken chili we brought from home made by Grandma Sharon.  It was much tastier than Carl's Jr., and the other yucky food we've been living on.  Thanks, Mom.)

4. (Eli) Wonderful birds that sing. (There are some very different sounding and looking birds here.  I need to figure out what they are, but they sing beautifully in the evening and morning.)

5. (Emma)  I am thankful for Willow and Ivy Stokes. (We are going through major friend withdrawals.)

6. (Emma) I am thankful we met our new neighbors, Gracie and Aaron. (We discovered there are at least 2 kids in our neighborhood.  The family across the street have a 5 year-old and 2 year old.  They are very friendly, and they are Irish, which is cool. We are excited to have them over to play once we can even walk through the house.)

7. (Emma) New house. (It's always fun to set up a new house...kind of like setting up a campsite. Emma's dying to find the box with the decorations for her room.)

8. (Eli) Good house, good parents, that we can buy food. 

9. (Max) Watching movies, my bikes, candy.

10. (HZ) Reading books together with the kids.
11. (HZ) Emma's cheerful help unpacking.
12. (HZ) Eli's efforts to be a peacemaker.
13. (HZ) Max's funny stories he told at dinner.
14. (HZ) JT spent the better part of the afternoon assembling dressers and is about to head out to set up the washer and dryer.

15. (Emma) Mom gave me chocolate. (There may have been some chocolate involved in the unpacking....don't tell the boys.)

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