Oh, Christmas Tree! Oh, Christmas Tree!

Posted by JT , 11.20.2010 6:40 PM

Christmas season has come a little early to our house. We braved the wind, snow and cold today to go up into Uinta National Forest to cut down a Christmas tree.

It's probably one of our favorite family holiday traditions. This year even though the weather wasn't great, we still had a ton of fun. There's a phrase in Finland (so we hear) that says there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. Good thing we dressed well and kept dry.

Heather held Droolicus, Sissy and Brother took turns walking, riding in the sled and being carried as we tromped through the snow in search for our heathen-inspired holiday decoration.

We normally wander around for an hour or two looking for a tree, but this year we found a couple of good candidates quickly. This year's Christmas tree is a little goofy and two dimensional with a handful of trunks and two tops. It's got a couple of dead branches that just add to the charm. We really like non-traditional Christmas trees. I guess we're just wired weird. :)

Utah's got the best-tasting snow on earth--at least that's what brother thinks. Yum.

We weren't out for very long, but the kidlets were all happy to get back to the car and get warm again.

Thanks to our snow chains, we didn't get stuck. We made it up and back pretty easily.

The tree's propped up in our yard right now camouflaged by all the other trees in our yard. We'll put it up in a couple weeks and it might warrant another blog post. But don't get your hopes up. :)


3 Response to "Oh, Christmas Tree! Oh, Christmas Tree!"

Tina Says:

Yay! I love seeing photos and trying to keep with your little family. I'm looking forward to more movies and photos. Happy Thanksgiving and I think you chose a perfect Christmas tree! Love you guys, Auntie Tina

stephanie Says:

that looks like fun! you weren't kidding Baby boy doesn't look like a baby anymore.

Mariah Says:

Someday we want to bring our clan along! It looks cold, but so fun!

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