Does anyone have a Spike the Ultra Dinosaur?

Posted by JT , 9.25.2010 12:05 PM

I'm looking to borrow a remote for Spike the Ultra Dinosaur for a few hours.

So, with a wild look in my eye, last week I bought a Spike the Ultra Dinosaur from Savers (a local thrift store) for $7. It retails for $130-ish and is chock full of awesome electronics, motors, IR sensors, microcontroller, lights and other stuff. Here's a link:

I first bought it so I could steal all the parts from it, but upon bringing it home, my kids _really_ want to play with it before I disassemble it. I got to thinking it'd be a fun project to reverse-engineer the infrared remote protocol and create a new remote from scratch (that I could control with a computer). I think it'd be fun to give small-brained Spike an IQ upgrade by hooking it up wirelessly to my computer.

Anyway, that's where I'm at a loss. I don't want to have to brute force the protocol, that could take a _really_ long time. I was hoping someone I know would have a Spike dinosaur and would loan me the remote for a few hours. I won't take it a part or anything :). I just need to read the infrared signal that it outputs when you push each of the buttons. I record the signal and that's that. You can have your remote back.

If you have a remote for Spike the Ultra Dinosaur and would be willing to indulge me, please let me know. I'd really appreciate it.



2 Response to "Does anyone have a Spike the Ultra Dinosaur?"

Megz Says:

Sadly I was really thinking Heather wrote this (that Savers reference was all her!) and being super impressed with her know-how....but then you got a tad too technical and the illusion was over.
Never even heard of Spike---but good luck in performing his reincarnation. (sounds a lot cooler than a remote control car!)

Unknown Says:

What has become of the Ultra Dinosaur? I got one for 3$ - and need IR codes also... This is the closest I found on the nets:

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