Sissy Update

Posted by Heather , 5.03.2010 10:22 PM

Sis is full of life. She is running from the time she wakes up until she crashes at night. She really does reminds me of Olivia the pig. “She is really good at wearing people out. She even wears herself out.”

She is a socialite and loves to be where the people are. She eats preschool and primary right up and tells me all about what they did and what she learned. She is my shadow and “go-fer” and helps me all day long. She is really good at cooking and especially likes to crack eggs and run the blender.

Ever since she was a little baby she has been a little clumsy and accident-prone. She still is. Add to that her love for adrenaline and you can imagine how many awesome accidents we have a day. We recently discovered that she has a lazy eye and she’s been wearing a patch over one eye for a couple of hours a day. Whenever someone asks if she’s okay (it looks like a band-aid). She lets them know that she has a “lazy eye.” I was hoping that straightening out her eye issues would help with her clumsiness. The doctor told me not to count on it…dang.

She loves to dance, wrestle, and make art projects. Nearly everyday we make something at our house. Her idea of the ideal project is anything that includes paint, scissors, glue, and tape (especially painter’s tape, the blue kind). She makes lots of cards and crafts for people.

She loves to get presents and new stuff, and she remembers what people gave her. She often reminds me who gave her what clothes and toys as she gets them out. She filled her marble jar (our current rewards program) and got to go get the vacuum she’s been saving up for. It took about 2 months, but it was totally worth it. She was so funny when we went to get it. She would stop everyone we passed and tell them that this was HER vacuum and that she earned it.

Her favorite word is WHY. I would estimate she uses it about 500 times a day, at least. Sometimes she really is curious, but sometimes I think it is just a habit. My favorite thing she does is makes a statement, then ask “why?” For example, she might say something like this: “Eating oranges is my favorite. Why?” or “We went on a field trip today. Why?” You get the picture. I find myself explaining all kinds of natural phenomenon and social/cultural traditions all day. But, a lot of the time I really don’t know why, or I giver her the classic answer, “because I said so, and I’m the mom.” She doesn’t like either of those answers.

She is irresistibly cute—with her beautiful smile and mischevious giggle. She loves to tease and joke and, unfortunately she has a pretty crude sense of humor. I blame that on JT. I love it when she comes and snuggles with me and Mumford in the morning. What a sweet, sweet, sissy. I’m so glad to be her mommy. Oh, and she wants to be Hello Kitty for Halloween with Mumford.

2 Response to "Sissy Update"

stephanie Says:

I have read all of your updates. Sounds like all of your kids are doing great! They sure are a bunch of cuties.

Sheriece Says:

Oh my word, HEATHER! Your children are absolutely beautiful! I hope you don't mind my peeking - my mom forwarded me an email with pictures of you and told me about your darling new baby, and lo and behold, there was a link to your blog :D Your family is beautiful :) And if you'd like a peek at my blog, it's Congrats!

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