Palo Update....

Posted by Heather , 5.01.2010 11:36 PM

Brothy has also been busy. He and Sissy started preschool this year, and Sunbeams. I can’t believe how grown up they are both getting.

Brother loves Mumford and he is learning how to “be soft” with him. He has an awesome imagination and lives in his own little world that is mostly made up of princesses, Dora, and Thomas the Train. He loves to dress up in his “Sleeping Booty” dress. He can’t watch any shows with music in them without a dress on to dance along. Unfortunately, his pink sparkle shoes are officially too tight. He’ll have to make do with his gold ones, and his collection of plastic heels.

He loves to color and is amazingly good at it. He will sit for hours working on the same picture. Sometimes he colors using ballpoint pens, which makes it take even longer.

He does everything at his own pace, and doesn’t like to be hurried. It is not unusual for him to take over an hour to eat a meal, especially breakfast. This makes getting to preschool a challenge.

He is very funny and loving. He and Sissy love to pretend to go camping, to the store, and California. He gets fixated on toys/items and carries them around. This usually is his box of Thomas trains, or DVD cases. Lately, he has filled his backpack up with Clifford Pull-ups and insists on sleeping with them and carrying them around because he likes to look at all the different scenes of kids and dogs playing on them.

He loves to read books and has memorized many of his favorites. He also is really good at remembering lyrics to songs. His favorite music to listen to is the “Hairspray” soundtrack.

He is a sweet, tender boy. How grateful I am to be his Mama. Oh, and he is planning on being a vampire for Halloween with me.

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