Zerendipity Baby #3

Posted by JT , 8.03.2009 10:32 PM

So, we went to get our 20 week ultrasound today. Start the drumroll and watch the little vid.

9 Response to "Zerendipity Baby #3"

Addie Says:

Ahhhh! We are so excited for you guys!!!!!

Addie Says:

AHHH! It's a boy! We are SOOOOO excited for you guys!

Addie Says:

Ahhh! We are so excited for you guys!

Kasi Says:

oh my goodness, you guys are pregnant?! I am so excited for you! Congrats on the boy!

Monica English Says:

Hooooooooooray!!!! Congrats on your little man. You gonna stick with the same first letter as Bro and Sis?

Megz Says:

Thank heavens for the little labeler going on. I never can read those ultrasounds for myself.
How exciting to have another little mancub! Congrats.

The Alvey's Says:

Too cut on the video wow on that third leg you must be a proud papa.

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