Service Anyone?

Posted by JT , 3.19.2009 2:38 AM

Y'all probably got an email like this recently:

Dear Friends and Family,

For weeks now many of you have been asking if there is anything you can do to help us in our current situation with JT’s brother, Nick after he broke his neck and became paralyzed. (If you don’t know the situation, check out our blog entry: ) Many of you have helped watch kids, visited with Nick, remembered us in your prayers, and have supported us in every way imaginable. Thank you so very very much. The time has come that we actually have some really specific areas we could use a little more assistance. As Dora the Explorer (and Eli) would say, “We need YOUR help.” Please don't feel obligated in any way, but since so many of you have specifically requested to help, we're responding with a specific list of things we need help with. :)

Over the last weekend we found a home that is for sale in north Orem that would be a very good set-up for our family. It has a separate living area where Nick could have some space, and room for us to grow our family. The home would need some modifications, but nothing like our current home. It has been a difficult decision, but we feel that all things considered, this home would be a better space for all of us.

So, here’s where we could use some help. Many things need to happen over the next few weeks for this all to be able to work:

Get Our House Ready to Sell

First of all, we need to sell our current home ASAP (sniff, sniff). We (our entire extended family) have worked really hard to update the inside, and it really is cute right now with lots of new paint, moldings, doors, fixtures and flooring. Despite our ignorance and neglect, the yard is still a dreamy oasis in the middle of the city. There are a few very specific little projects we could use help with to get it ready to start showing. For example, we need to do some basic spring clean-up of the yard, like raking pine needles. There are also a few projects we have been putting off, outside and in that would be good to get done, like fix the garage door opener and replace a broken light fixture in the kitchen. We are going to be having a workday next Saturday (3/21). We could also work on weekdays, and evenings if we plan it in advance (What a great FHE idea). We have brainstormed a list of things we’d like to do. Here’s the link to the list:

Find a Buyer

There are many ways all of this could work out on the financial end, but they all depend on our ability to find a buyer for our home as quickly as possible. We don’t feel really worried about it because our current home is such a unique house. We have always felt like this home and yard has a special spirit to it. In so many ways it has been a place for healing and miracles for our family. We love it here, and hope to pass it on to someone else it can bless. Please spread the word to anyone you know who may be looking for a five bedroom house in north Orem with a fantastic yard in a really great location. We will be forth coming with an official listing and marketing materials shortly.

Make Some Modifications to the New House

Assuming we are able to buy this house, there are a couple projects we would need to do to make it work for Nick. First, we need to build a ramp into the home. There are only 3 steps into the main floor, so it should be pretty straightforward. We will need to have a simple stair lift installed for Nick to be able to get into the studio apartment in the basement. (There isn't a lot people can do to help put the lift in except fundraising :).)We may need to modify the shower in his bathroom by removing some glass panels and tweaking the threshold. We would like to reconfigure his kitchen sink a little so that he can roll under it.


Ideally, we would like to move in and get a little settled before Nick comes home. He will most likely be coming home sometime during the first part of May. We'll see how it all works out. When the time comes, we could definitely use some help moving.

Help With Fundraising Efforts

Anyone who would like to donate money and/or materials/labor to our cause is invited to pitch in. It’s amazing how quickly costs can add up. We’ve already extended our resources about as thinly as we dare in working through the situation so far. We know everyone’s budgets are tight right now, but if you are in a position that you could help us and Nick out, or if you would like to spearhead a fundraiser of some sort, we would be super grateful. JT has set up an account for fundraising/donations. We have a PayPal account plugged in. You can make payments to it by sending a payment to nickluvrs at gmail. We'll also post 'Donate Now' buttons on our blog and his blog. It won't be tax deductable initially, but if we continue to get a bunch of donations we'll set up a foundation. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

So, there you have it. We are excited about the opportunity of getting into this house, but are a little overwhelmed at all that would need to happen to make it work. We really appreciate all of your support. Even if you aren't able to get involved in any other way, we still appreciate prayers and spreading the word about selling our house. Please contact us if you would like to get involved on any level, even for things not on the above list. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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