I'm Embarrassed to Post...It's Been SOOO Long.

Posted by Heather , 2.17.2009 1:01 AM

Life has been crazy since my last post. JT's previous job started really faltering around Thanksgiving, and JT got laid off the week before Christmas (excellent timing). Then it was Christmas, with the normal craziness of presents, parties, and creating the family video, etc. I didn't think life could get crazier.

Then, on January 7th, our world was really shaken when JT's brother fell from a balcony and broke his neck. He shattered his C5 & C6 vertebra which left him paralyzed from the chest down with limited use of his arms and hands. He has handled the injury with optimism, patience, and grace. It has been a blessing to share this journey with him, as difficult as it has been. He is amazing. I didn't have a very close relationship with him before, but I consider him one of my dearest friends and a true kindred spirit after spending a lot of time with him over the past month. His is the tall cute guy with braids in this pic taken last summer.

You can track his story at:

Needless to say, we've been busy. Thankfully, Nick was moved from NC to Utah to do rehab at the U of U. He's working hard and is doing really well.

We are getting ready to have him come and join our family after rehab. I hope he realizes what he is signing up for :). We aren't the quietest house on the block. We are excited to have him and his puppy, Alley Dog join us.

JT found a great job that he really likes at Lead Media Partners doing really cool geeky things. We feel super blessed that he was able to find something so quickly, working with super smart people, doing stuff he finds really interesting (data mining?). He'd have to explain exactly what it is. I am just thankful to have a happy husband and paychecks on the way. Unfortunately he doesn't work from home, which is a major adjustment for all of us.

So, here's a special little treat. Many of you have already seen these, but some of you may not have. Every year (at least the past 2 years) I have made a family video to give as Christmas presents. I don't scrapbook, or journal nearly as much as I should, so this is my big effort to record a little bit or our lives.

Here are my two favorite segments from this year:

Brother's Highlights


Sissy's Highlights

I hope you enjoy.

Also, a HUGE thanks to everyone for all their support and prayers over the past month. We have felt very loved and supported. I am convinced we have the awesomest family and friends in the world. We literally couldn't do it without you.


7 Response to "I'm Embarrassed to Post...It's Been SOOO Long."

Fox Family Says:

Don't be embarrassed girl. Life can be busy and it sure has been for you. I didn't hear about your brother in law? Hope is doing well. What a life changing event! I loved watching the videos of brother and sister. So stinkin cute. Hope to see you soon. Luv, Calli

Megz Says:

I guess you've been busy enough to warrant not doing daily posts.
Good luck with all the changes. Nick will surely love your wild household and maybe he'll even learn to love Dora and Enchanted.

Jen Says:

I'm glad to see you back! It sounds like you guys have been through the ringer. If you ever feel up to it you should come to playgroup on Fridays. We have a pretty good one going on now down here. Just check the transracial adoption group for info. Or email me! ;)

Summer Says:

Nick has such a touching story. I just can't believe the good attitude he has had through it all. You guys are so amazing to jump right in and take care of him. We have loved having Emma and Eli over. Please let us keep watching them when ever you need help.

Jess D. Says:

I just love your kids. Brothy's eyes are so deep - it is as though you can see his old soul. And sis - she just radiates joy out of every pore.

I can't wait to watch them again!

Palomita Says:

Wow, Heather! Yikes - what a time you've had. I hope the transition goes well with Nick. We've had a rough time, too, since Christmas - my Dad has a massive heart attack about a month ago, and quintuple bypass surgery. It looked pretty iffy for a day or two, but he pulled through. Somehow, adversity has a way of pulling us all together, though, and making us appreciate the small joys in life.

By the way, Ben and I rented "Mama Mia" last week - I thought of you through the whole movie, as we sang along to all those campy ABBA songs! It made me smile!

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