Palo and Sis, what we've been up to...

Posted by JT , 11.17.2008 12:03 AM

Okay, my kids have been so funny lately. I need to share some the craziness with all of you.

Sissy: Sis moves about a million miles an hour, as does her tongue (although only about 1/3 of the verbiage coming out of her mouth is real words). Her sentences usually start with a bunch of jibberish with a couple recognizable words thrown in at the end. Here's an example "I (unidentified cadence of syllables that sound like they could be words) Grammy house?" Translation: "Can I go to Grammy's house?" Her most common phrases are "Emma do it." and "Emma's turn." Both of which are often used in the form of a question.

She has figured out how to get out of her crib, which has complicated our morning and evening routines considerably. The other night I went in to check on them before I went to bed and she was asleep on the floor by Brother’s bed. It wasn’t until I felt something warm with beads that I realized it was Sissy’s head I was about to step on.

I am slowly learning how to do her hair, and she loves it. Her favorite dos are “poofs,” or twists with beads. She will sit still for about 45 minutes at a stretch to get it done. It helps that she is vain. As soon as I say she is finished, she runs to the full-length mirrors in my room to check it out. Today I went in to see if she liked it and she said, “Camera. Take a picture.” I guess that means yes.

She is also starting to show signs of learning empathy. The other night we were looking at our Jesus picture before bed and we were talking about the crucifixion (a little advanced and hard to explain to two-year-olds). She was very interested and quite concerned. We were trying to explain that Jesus got owies in his hands because he loves us. She took the picture from me and gave his hands a kiss. It was very sweet. Now she looks for the marks on Jesus’ hands in every picture.

Her sense of humor is also developing nicely. Whenever she farts, she can’t help but giggling. Lately she lets one, giggles and then asks, “I do it again? Okay.” Then she attempts to do it again. We try really hard not to laugh. What a gross child…she definitely gets it from her dad.

Oh, and she is a little obsessed with going potty. I know that if is too quiet, chances are she and Palo are in the bathroom. It’s going to be a long journey to get these two trained. I'm open to suggestions.

Now a little about Brother:
Palo couldn’t be more different than Sis if he tried. He is mellow most of the time. His idea of the perfect day is to have someone read books to him or to have free reign of the TV. He would watch TV all day if we let him. If the TV is on, it is almost impossible to get him to do anything. He won’t even eat. If he gets more than about 45 minutes a day he undergoes severe personality transformation and turns into a monster, so we really try to limit his brain-frying time. Although, there are those bad mom days….

Currently he loves Dora. He can spot products at the grocery store with Dora on them from a mile away. She's on everything. Sis has a Dora jacket I bought at Savers that Palo is obsessed with. He always wants to wear it. The other day I had to chuckle. He had on camo pants, his blue and pink Dora jacket, socks with watershoes, a bead in his hair, and a pink binky. Not nearly as many people came up to talk to me at Costco about my cute kids, because I think they were confused. It was actually kind of nice.

He also loves Elmo. We have an Elmo’s World DVD about the Wild West that shows Mr. Noodle doing a line dance. That is his favorite part. He’s a good little line-dancer. That kid has got rhythm. Unfortunately, both he and Sis are losing some of their natural moves as they try to imitate my dancing. The other day I was watching them dance, thinking, 'Man, those kids look lerpy." Then I realized they were copying me. Dang.

Palo's favorite toy is the Magnadoodle. He loves to sit on your lap and have you draw fishies for him. JT and I have gotten pretty skilled at whipping out sharks, octopuses, whales, guppies, anglerfish, you name it. The cutest thing is to see him draw fishies by himself. He starts out by drawing a circle then adds little flourishes. Very cute.

He is also becoming quite the little talker. Like, Sis, he uses a lot of jibberish. The hard thing is that he decides that the sounds he is using to describe what he wants are the only way to describe it. If it doesn’t make sense, or you don’t understand what he wants, he typically loses it and starts weeping and wailing and gnashing his teeth. By the time he calms down, he usually has forgotten whatever it was that he wanted. It can be exhausting if this happens more than a few times a day.

Brothy also loves being involved in food preparation. Whenever I am cooking, he wants me to hold him so that I can explain what I am doing. "I see what doing," he says repeatedly until I pick him up. If he is remembering even a fourth of what I tell him, he’s going to be a fantastic cook by the time he is 5. It is getting harder to hold him, as he weighs a solid 30+ lbs. Opening a can is pretty tricky while lugging him around. It is fun to watch him cook on his own little stove. He has his own pots and utensils. When I ask him what he is doing, his most common responses are “I make noodles. I make eggs.” And of course, MEATBALLS (his favorite food).

Both of the kids have discovered the water dispenser on the fridge. They love to get their own drinks, complete with crushed ice. Unfortunately, they can’t resist the urge to play with the water, dumping it in the sink, on the floor, on the table, in their little play dishes. It’s a constant battle. We have a lot of wet socks around our house.

So, these are the kind of things our days are filled with. What a fun age. In some ways it seems like the best of times and the worst of times. The best because the kids are so funny, sweet, and amazing. The worst, because my patience is constantly being tested, and I fail so often. It’s hard to always remember what a miracle our family is, and how short this time is. Already, my babies won’t hardly let me rock them to sleep anymore. Sniff, sniff. They are just growing up too dang fast.

Here are some recent pics.

Cute as bugs on Halloween!

Checking out a fresh do.

The first snowman of the year

A snack with Coco

Reading our current favorite book: Pinkalicious!

And a little bonus video:


7 Response to "Palo and Sis, what we've been up to..."

amber Says:

You and your kids are so cute. Your blog made me laugh... you definately have a house of fun and love.

stephanie Says:

Good job with Sis's hair!
Bro and Trey seem to have an awful lot in common. It is comforting to read that my kid is not the only one obsessed with tv or extremely violent over not being understood etc...

Jess D. Says:

H, I love seeing motherhood through your eyes. You're like one of those Chicken Soup for the Soul books :)

stephanie Says: is my blog.

Evans Family Says:

Hi Heather!

I am glad you found my blog and it has been fun reading through yours. We have recently discovered "Pinkalicious" and Kylie just had to get it for all of the girl cousins on her Christmas list. It is a good one (at least the first 12 or 13 times).
Have fun!

April Says:

I just love those kidos! They are full of personality. Hard to imagine life with out them:)

Kasi Says:

your kids are just absolutely adorable. It was so good to get your card, and I am so glad you have a blog!

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