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Posted by JT , 10.01.2008 12:30 PM

Hey, I know it's just really family and friends reading this blog, but I stumbled on something I thought you all might like. (It isn't more politics. :) ) Audible is giving away free audio books for kids. I just downloaded The Tell-Tale Heart for free in time for Halloween. :)

Anyway, I'm not getting any money for this or anything, but I thought I'd pass it on in case anyone else would like a free audio book. I found out about it from podcasts at my company. You can burn it to CD, or put it on your iPod.

Go here: They don't have a ton for free, but they're free. (Yes, there is a small catch, you have to sign up. I haven't seen any spam from them yet, though).

Here's a list of free ones:

They also have a lot of other ones you can buy, if you like audio books for kids.

If you do get one, lemme know if you like it.

2 Response to "Free Kids Audio Book"

Megz Says:

Thanks for the tip. Starting bro and sis out on Edgar Allen Poe? Those are some literate kids!

JT Says:

No, that one was for me. They're at a much higher reading level than I am. I read mostly Max and Ruby board books. I caught Brother sneaking around with Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance last week.

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