A Day at Maple Lake

Posted by Heather , 10.11.2008 11:53 PM

Last week I went with my sisters and Brothy and Sissy to one of our family's favorite spots up Payson Canyon.

Ever since I was very little, we would go to Maple Lake every year, usually for my Grandma Carolyn and Aunt Nadine's birthdays. In the fall it is a magical place. The light is peach colored, and everything seems to glow.

This trip was no different. Many of the leaves had already fallen, so it was very quiet, like the hush after a snowfall. It was a "good medicine day," for sure. Here are a few pics Kristen and Aub took.

5 Response to "A Day at Maple Lake"

Lori Says:

Cute pictures Heather. It makes me so homesick, I love it up there, it really is so beautiful! Happy Fall :)

Denise Says:


stephanie huff Says:

what a bunch of cuties! Isn't fall great?

Jenefer Says:

These pictures are so great and I loved reading about the kids and what they are up to. They have a way fun mom!

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