Why I (Heather) support Barack Obama...and some interesting links.

Posted by Heather , 9.22.2008 11:54 PM

I'm voting for Barry

Hi, everyone. Let me start by saying that I'm not trying to start any fights or attack anyone, and I am not trying to tell anyone how to think. I've learned over the past couple of elections that I generally tick people off because I get very excited and I don't communicate very well, especially when talking about politics. Somehow I usually end up making people feel like I think I know so much, etc. etc. I am sorry for any past offenses. I am genuinely trying to be better. I realize I have a long way to go. I honestly just want to start a dialogue about some of the things I have been thinking about. I really want to know what you all think because I value your opinions, insight and experience. :)

I've really struggled with defining my own thoughts and beliefs about who I should vote for in the upcoming election. It's weird because in a lot of ways I feel like my faith/testimony is being challenged by even taking a serious look at Obama and his policies, that somehow by supporting a democrat I am betraying the Church or something. I've lost a lot of sleep over it. For some reason the stakes seem so high to me this year. I am struggling not to become obsessed.

Through my research journey thus far, I personally feel an urgency to support Barrack Obama. And yes, I realize that my vote probably won't go far because of the electoral college and the status of politics here in the Beehave state. I have contributed to his campaign ($15 for a t-shirt) and I am looking for more ways to promote his cause. Although I plan on voting for him, and I feel like he is a very good person and leader, I am still struggling with social issues like abortion and gay marriage (I haven't gone completely apostate). I would love to hear any insights you have on how you feel about specific issues. I think abortion and gay marriage are important issues, but there are a lot of other issues that are important and affect my family's day-to-day living more--like the economy, health care, and education (to name a few).

So, anyway--I found this blogger that I really like. He is a professor at BYU who is active in the Utah Democratic party. I like his gospel-centered view. He has really done his homework and compiled some interesting, balanced links about both sides that have helped me come to grips with what I think. I am still very much trying to figure IT out (IT being, how should our country solve all the problems we are facing and what policies will get us there and what role religion and faith plays in all of this AND whether it really matters because the Second Coming is on its way).

Bruce Young's insights have helped me distill out what I think from a gospel-centered point-of-view. Please don't feel obligated to look at this. I only share it if you are interested because I found it interesting and enlightening. The organization of his blog is a little screwy so take a minute to click on all the links. I especially liked the speech Obama gave on Father's Day at his church. If nothing else, check that out. Sure do love you all! I'd love to start a dialogue (fostering dignity and respect, of course) about the issues and candidates if anyone is interested. Feel free to leave comments here, or email me personally.


Bruce Young's Blog

Barrack Obama's Father's Day Message

Here is a link to a statement issued by the First Presidency this week. I sure wish I knew who each of the 12 were supporting, and why! :)

You have probably already seen this. Just wanted to lighten it up a little. (Warning...this is probably at least PG. I think it swears once.)

One more funny... actually kind of sad-but-true link.

6 Response to "Why I (Heather) support Barack Obama...and some interesting links."

Rhonda Can't Help You Says:

I LOVE that you are supporting Obama. I had assumed that everyone I knew was a McCain voter. Love you and your Obama ways. I too will be casting an empty vote in a couple months, but I'm WAY more liberal (surprise) than you are anyway- I support gay marriage and abortion rights. Don't tell me mom. Love you!

Heather Says:

This is an email reply I received from my aunt, Sarah.

Hi Heather,
I've been thinking about your e-mail and I thought I'd respond with my thoughts. Realize of course that I'm not an expert and it would take more time and energy than I have to become one. These are my thoughts:
1. God is in charge. Yeah, you need to research, pray about and choose the person you feel the best about but ultimately God will not let anything happen that is not a part of the plan.
2. We are electing human beings, which means they will be a mix of good and bad and have good and bad ideas.
3. The world is so complex that it is very difficult to predict the outcome of anyone's plans.
4. I have concerns about both candidates. John McCain is older and it is much more likely he would die leaving Sarah Palin (is that how you spell it?) in charge, which scares the hell out of me. He also tends to make rash decisions I feel like he needs to consider things more carefully. He has a temper, according to some have worked with him. He has been in politics a long time and may be blinded to new ideas. I'm not sure his focus is enough on the economy and I just don't like his personality very much.
5. I have concerns about Barrack O'Bama. He is younger and has less experience. His idea seem sometimes to be a little naive. I'm concerned because some of his inner circle are very, very liberal - Presidents tend to appoint people to different positions from their inner circle, these people are the people that actually run the country (this, by the way, is what I feel was Pres. Bush's big problem - wrong people for the job giving bad advise). I'm concerned that he favors a lot of government run programs and as we all know too well, government program are famous for huge waste and corruption. I agree with almost everything he say but I'm still unconvinced that his methods of solving the problems will work - it's kind of like "No Child Left Behind", the idea was great but the implementation was a disaster. I also see him coming out with a lot of ideas that Jimmy Carter tried and even though they sounded good they didn't work at all and in fact resulted in a big recession, huge national debt and previously unseen inflation - so, I really don't want to go there again. Lastly, even though he does sound middle road and willing to compromise he did vote 98% of the time with his party and I'm not comfortable with that.
6. I like both candidates for different reasons. I think both are outstanding men who have great qualities. McCain stood up against torture at a time when it was very unpopular and O'Bama stood up for government reform when democratic party members were pressuring him to not support it. McCain supports conservative causes that I agree with completely. O'Bama is so articulate and can inspire people like no one I've ever seen, which is important because a lot of what we have works because of confidence in the system.
7. I think everyone needs to make their own decision, pray about it and do it. The LDS church is always very adamant about not supporting one party over another.
8. Lastly, I wish Collin Powell would run for president with Barbra Bush as his VP. Now, when that ticket comes out I'll get really excited about politics again. But, of course both of them have far too much sense to do that.

And now I've talked more about politics than I wanted to. Good luck. Don't let it stress you too much, politics and politicians come and go.
Love ya,

Brad Says:

It is nice to see that someone has settled your concerns over turning against the church just because you support someone who is democrat. I promise you can still look your ecclesiastical leader in the eye during a temple recommend interview and not feel guilty. I think that if many church members actually looked at what democrats believe, many would switch the way they vote. Even on the issue of abortion. The original democratic party's statement is no abortions except for if the mother is in danger of death or in cases of rape. Sound familiar? The republican's statement is no abortions period. Obviously over time these two ideas have polarized into what many see today as either pro choice or pro life. The reality is that the church upholds both. The church is all about choice and life and there is a happy medium. I consider myself an independent voter. Depending on the issue that is most important to me at the time, I decide which candidate, regardless of the party, will most align with my top priorities. Now that may be a little selfish, and I know I have more self-improvement in store as well, but you can debate any issue from both sides until you are so turned off by politics that you'll never vote again. You have to start somewhere. I will be voting for Obama this year. When all is said and done, in the long run, I think he will be the lesser of two evils. I'll save my views on gay marriage for a later post.

JTE Says:

I'm curious as to why you're actually supporting Obama. I got from your post you feel high peer pressure over it, but I can't tell why you're actually supporting him. I may vote for him just to keep it closer. As long as the Republican keeps beating the Democrat by 30 points, the Democrats will ignore us and the Republicans will take us for granted.

Charlie Says:
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Brad Says:

JTE - I don't know where you got from my post that I am voting for Obama out of peer pressure. I live in Utah and am surrounded by people that vote purely republican. I am voting for Obama because I agree with him on the issues that are most important to me right now.

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