All better, we're out of here!

Posted by Heather , 8.15.2008 1:29 PM

Sister is officially 100% recovered.  Maybe that's why I haven't written in so long.  She's much harder to keep up with when she is mobile :).  We still don't know exactly what that was all about, we are just so thankful that she is okay.  A huge thanks to all of you who have been praying for us and worrying about us.  

So, now that life is somewhat returned to normal, we realized that the summer is nearly over and we haven't had a vacation with our little family.  So, we're taking off on a little last minute getaway next week to northern California.  The things we are hoping to do the most are: hike in the Redwoods, explore tide pools, maybe see some whales or sea lions, visit a lighthouse, see some cool art, and eat some yummy food.  We haven't ever done anything with just the four of us, so we are excited to spend some time together in a place we've always wanted to see.  The timing isn't perfect, and funds will be a little tight, but we decided we've got to just go and make it happen or it never will.

Now, we've just got to get everything ready. We can't wait!

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