Slowly but surely

Posted by Heather , 7.19.2008 11:03 PM

Hi, I just wanted to give a little Sister update for all you family and friend that have been praying for us. She is definitely improving. She is able to sit up pretty much all day and her hand and arm coordination is much improved. Her eyes are also pretty much back to normal, no more staring off into space, going cross-eyed, etc.

The biggest challenge now is that she is convinced that she can't do anything on her own, which is so weird for her. She is usually so independent, and motivated to be involved in everything. Now it is hard to get her to want to do anything more active than coloring or sitting on the floor with toys.

We had a barbeque today with JT's dad's side of the family which was very fun, but super hot. She was just clinging to me the whole day. Finally, she decided she wanted to play on her slide, and I was really surprised at how well she could still climb up the ladder. Her walking is pretty crazy, but it's hard to say whether that is because her brain is weird, or she doesn't have much strength anymore. We hope to start physical therapy this week, which should help us know how to help her.

So, thank you, thank you for all the prayers and love and support.

This weekend and the coming week are full of family parties with JT's side of the family, which we are excited for. It's so good to hang out with his mom & step-dad and dad & step-mom and siblings.

Here are a few recent pics:

Waiting to go home at Primary Children's

Dr. Sis

Coloring with the fishies.

Getting a care package from cousins!! Hurray!

Note: These pictures were taken over 2 days. Sis can actually wear the same outfit twice when she doesn't do anything. I would rather do more laundry, but I'll enjoy any perks that come along with this crazy ride!

2 Response to "Slowly but surely"

Angie Says:

So, so happy to hear sissy is doing better!! She is just a doll. Loved the pictures. Give her and brother kisses from our family.

motherkt Says:

brother and sister, it is so fun to look at all the pictures, it just feels like a happy family when I see you all, and I am so glad sissy is getting better and that brother is so good to his sister

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