Sissy's in the hospital.

Posted by JT , 7.11.2008 12:18 AM

So, don't be too alarmed, but our little Sister has a nasty case of Ataxia (info here and here) which is likely the post-viral kind. Because of her symptoms, and at the prompting of our pediatrician, we took her to Primary Children's Hospital ER so she could get the full work-up.

After getting in there, and talking with a couple of Neurologists, they felt like it was best to admit her to the hospital so they could get an MRI scan and run a bunch of tests.

So Heather is there with Sister, and I'm home with Brother. He and I will likely head up there tomorrow to spend the day with the girls. We think it will do the kids good (as long as we can get them to take naps) to play together and be as normal as possible. I think it will especially help Emma keep her stress levels down. She's not very happy right now. She hates the phlebotomists and cries whenever she sees them.

So, it's likely that all will be ok and she'll get better in a few days, so don't get your undies in a twist quite yet over Sissy's health. :) We're pretty sure everything will work out ok. We're lucky & blessed to have good health care.

We'll keep the blog updated with info, so you can get all the latest right here. We'll likely be tied up most of tomorrow with procedure and minutiae, so we won't have a ton of time to be talking with everyone on the phone. :) You're welcome to subscribe to the blog via email and/or ATOM feed to get updates as soon as they come out. If you don't know what ATOM is, use email instead. :)

2 Response to "Sissy's in the hospital."

Heather Says:

Hold in there Sissy! You are in our prayers. We love you so much!!!!

Angie Says:

Oh, sweet Emma. We we're just watching your video. You will be in our prayers. We love you little Emma Boo.

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