Results back.

Posted by JT , 7.15.2008 4:17 PM

So results are in from the protein test of the spinal fluid. They don't think that it is Miller Fisher. They did send a sample off for the antibody to make sure, but that will take a couple of days to a week. The neurologists are back to thinking it is post-viral Cerebellitis.

So... we're going to start physical/occupational therapy sessions tomorrow morning.

2 Response to "Results back."

Angie Says:

Thanks for being so good about updates. We're thinking about you all the time. Love your little family. You're Emma is numero uno in our prayers. Love you all. Call with any OT questions! Are you home or staying in the hospital for a while?

~*aShLi*~ Says:

we hope she gets feeling better and that everything will be alright! We will keep her (and you guys) in our prayers!

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