MRI results are back

Posted by JT , 7.11.2008 5:20 PM

So, amidst the best sleep I'd gotten in a few days, one of the Neurologists knocked on the door to tell us that the results from the MRI look completely normal, and there are no tumors, lesions, strokes, clots, monkeys, or bananas on her brain stem, cerebellum or cerebrum.


So they may want to still do a few more tests to see if they can figure out the type of virus that caused the Ataxia, since it's very rare for someone to have post-viral ataxia twice.

So, we might be coming home tonight, or they may hold us over in order to do a lumbar puncture to drain some spinal fluid to do some tests on it.

Anyway... good news. No tumors. :)

We'll keep you posted.

3 Response to "MRI results are back"

Heather Says:

Phew! We are so relieved that the MRI came back clear. Thanks for keeping us posted I've been thinking about it ALL DAY LONG. Good luck with all the other testing. We love you MEMMA!

Kristen Says:

(big sigh) oh good! we've been praying for you little memma... we love you all tons!

Angie Says:
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