Friday lunchtime update

Posted by JT , 7.11.2008 2:48 PM

Hi, All.

I just poked in real quick to give a status update. Sissy's doing ok. She just went in for her MRIs about 20 minutes ago. I'm not sure why, but they're giving her two; a lower and a higher resolution image.

So far all the bloodwork they've done has come back normal, so we're waiting on the results from the MRIs and the additional blood tests.

It's kind of just a waiting game at this point. We're still encouraged at every step that it is just post-viral ataxia, in which case, she'll get better on her own in a couple of days. We'll just wait and see if anything else turns up.

Since the MRI's are so late in the day, it looks like due to the pace of the Hospital Machinery, that Sissy and Heather will be here another night. :(

Thanks for all your words & prayers of comfort. We appreciate all the positive vibes being released into the Universe on our behalf.


P.S.: I'll try and include some pics next time.

3 Response to "Friday lunchtime update"

Shizzle Says:

Because why do one when you can get two at twice the price. LOL

Glad it is all "so far so good."

Angie Says:
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JT Says:
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