Back in Primary Children's

Posted by JT , 7.15.2008 2:07 PM

Well, things didn't really progress with Sissy like we thought they should, and between Heather's mother intuition and the neurologist's promptings, we've decided to re-admit Sis so we can get a test done to hopefully figure out what she really has. We all think she has Miller Fisher, but it might not be that after all. Since she's not getting better very quickly, we're hoping that if it is Miller Fisher, that we can get treatments for her to speed her recovery.

It's tough to watch our little girl who so recently was running, laughing, playing and getting into mischief lose a lot of coordination--so much that she can't even crawl, or feed herself very well. We're hopeful that these treatments will help her get quickly back to her normal self.

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