ABBAlicious 24th!

Posted by Heather , 7.24.2008 11:45 PM

Tonight we took the kids to their very first concert at the Scera Shell (We wanted to break them in easy).  It was a group called "Arrival" that performs ABBA songs.  We got all gussied up and even put on some glitter (everyone but Daddy-o).  Aub came with us, and it was lovely.  Brothy and Sis LOVED it.  At first the loudness kind of freaked them out, but when they saw everyone singing and cheering and dancing, they decided it was pretty cool.  It is so funny to watch them pick up on social cues.

One thing about Bro. is that he has BEAT.  During "Fernando" everyone was waving their cell phones and he started to wave the chip he had been holding for about a half hour.  He was enthralled.  Sis.  especially loved the songs when everyone stood up and danced like "Take a Chance," and "Dancing Queen." When we got home we told them to tell Aubs thank you for taking us and they repeated "tank you" over and over.  Brother was still mumbling something about "tank you" when we put him in his bed.  Thanks Auntie!

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience, but then again...I love ABBA.  We sang. We danced.  We ate treats.  It was great.  And, you should have seen the crazy costumes.  They had exact replicas made of ABBA's original costumes and they were something else.  Basically a whole lot of white spandex with gold embellishments.  The one guy's outfit reminded me of something Scott Hamilton would have worn in the late 70's.  NICE!

All this excitement kind of made me want to go see "Mama Mia."  Although it wasn't nearly at thrilling as the American Idol concert a couple of weeks ago, it was fun to be together, thinking about the pioneers while we rocked out to some wanna-be Swedes.  I'm sure Brigham Young would have approved of such an enriching and uplifting cultural event.  

P.S.  Sis continues to improve slowly.  She still needs help to walk, and she has picked up on this obsessive whining act when she decides she wants something that nearly drives us all crazy.  But, we are thankful for the progress she is making.  Yesterday when she was walking holding my hand I cheered and told her how good she is doing and that she is getting all better.  She got very thoughtful when I talked about how she used to be in the hospital and now she is doing so great and she said, "bana (interpreted:bandaid), hurt."  So, she knows something is up.  And she has NOT forgotten the hospital.  If we could only track down a local physical therapist that works with children recovering from a neurological illness that accepts our insurance and can get her in sooner than 3 weeks.  Uggh.  Let me know if you know anyone.

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Megz Says:

Nothing like re-entering the real world with an ABBA concert. I heard it was a rockin' place to be and am glad you found it no different.
Thanks for the updates and I hope sista keeps on improving.

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